Welcome Peeps

This is a blog of a slighty unhinged 40 odd year old Anglo-American (hybrid) woman who now resides in Maine after 37 years of living in England. I live quite a hectic life, it borders on a soap drama most of the time and spend my days running around looking after our young daughter and 4 dogs.

Why am I Blogging?

I have enjoyed fruits since I was 18…I say fruits..I mean grapes and when I say grapes…I mean wine. I also love eating…that is why I have a backside so big that it now has its own eco system (I am now on a diet). I have slowly but surely started opening my eyes to nutrition and dangers of pesticides and GMO produce as well as the horrific procedures involved with corporate owned meat production and the treatment of the animals so I decided to change, start promoting organic food and also started to recycle.

Well..I had a bit of a brain wave (or brain fart depending on your views) and wanted to share my journey into becoming healthier, eating correctly, growing my own food (please note I used to kill plastic pot plant’s so I am not very good at growing plant’s and veg but learning), I can cook though so would like to share recipes and just have the opportunity to moan a lot too 😉

I do add links which I feel are relative to my point of view and sometimes blog inebriated 😉